Pictures from our trip to Bristol

Here are some of the pictures that our student group president, Laura Berman, took during a visit to the collections in Bristol! These are the images we used to brainstorm possible themes for the exhibit. All of the stools are from Africa, and the more stylized stools with a curved top are Ashanti. 







All images taken by Laura Berman.


2 responses to “Pictures from our trip to Bristol

  1. What can you tell me about the two terra cotta pieces on the left — fourth picture down? I have a similar piece in the Fitchburg Art Museum collection. Thanks. Jean Borgatti

  2. Hi Jean,

    Thierry, our Curator, is pulling more information about the objects that I will send to you. In brief, they are from Mali. The larger piece is a stool and the bowl-shaped piece is a foot wash. The two pieces are from the same time period and people, but they are not of the same set.

    –Geralyn Ducady

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